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If you’re a survivor of Sexual Assault, Here is little something to make you feel better:


Sexual violence is a serious public health problem and has a profound short or long-term impact on physical and mental health. Sexual violence can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, etc. The survivors of sexual assault may feel alone, isolated and lost. Each survivor reacts to sexual violence in his/her own way.

You do not have to cope on your own. There’s no shame in admitting if you want any kind of help.

Here is something from My Heart that may help you in some way or other:

  1. Ensure your safety: Your first and foremost responsibility is to make sure you’re safe. You must prioritize yourself first, The situation can be shocking and over whelming, Use any coping mechanism which you’ve used in your past during stressful situation. It can be anything like calling your family member or your closest friends, tucking yourself into bed, anything which makes you feel less anxious and gives you homely feeling.
  2. Take your time to process everything: This is the thing about life, you cannot ignore anything you’ve to walk through it in order to get over it. Many survivors experience paralyzing anxiety which makes them doubt themselves, Even when logically they know it’s entirely assaulter’s fault. This sense of guilt can worsen your trauma and may result in more psychological damage. I recommend seeking out a therapist who is medically trained to address sexual trauma. They can make your journey of healing little less difficult for you.
  3. Reach out to your closed ones: Once you start feeling little safe, It’s important to connect with someone you trust, someone who will understand you, someone you feel warm with. After shock, survivors often feel isolated, depressed, anxious. It is must for you to confide in someone you fully trust, someone who you know will never judge you. Someone who will say I’m sorry this happened to you, Are you ok? How can I help? If you prefer to express your trauma anonymously there are several helplines on the Internet handled by professionals who are trained to offer you their support, listen to your story and connect you with important resources such as Medical treatment, Legal help etc.
  4. Reconnect to yourself and your life: Consider doing social activities which you’ve been avoiding after the incident, Give yourself a little internal nudge but never push yourself. Start going to exercise class or a social gathering with your friends or family. Take it one day at a time.
  5. Self care: We always end up avoiding the most important person in our lives which is You yourself. Be a little selfish, start pleasing yourself instead of others. Start going to meditation- the best way to connect with your inner peace.

I am not saying these things will make everything normal for you. But it’ll probably make your healing process easy. Life will never be same for you but with time it’ll become better and less painful.

There’s no friend as loyal as a book. Here, I am mentioning some books which can make you feel a little less alone and a little more better. 🙂

  • Speak by Laurie Halse Anderso
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman
  • Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough
  • We Should All Be Feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie